The Martial Eagle – the undisputed king or better yet the queen of all the African Eagles, as they are the largest of them all.
Why the queen you ask? Like in most eagles, the female is bigger than the male.
A martial eagle weighs in at up to 6 kilograms and they have an astonishing wingspan of 2,6 meters!!!
This female was recently photographed close to Sefapane River Lodge. She was seen perching in a marula tree, guarding her kill, a large monitor lizard.

If you look closely you will see a wire protruding from between her wings, this is the antennae for a telemetry tracking harness that is used to record vital data on these species.

She was tagged by the Endangered Wildlife Trust on 9 October 2013, she has been tracked for more than 1078 days and has transmitted over 11,800 GPS locations. #SefapaneMagic

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