One of the most interesting observations I have made, at Sefapane River Lodge recently, is of mammals seen eating soil especially clay. This habit called geophagia is common place amongst animals and humans alike!!!
Geophagia – eating of soil – has long been reported by many authors stretching back to Roman physicians to 18th century explorers.
Why do animals and humans eat soil????
Animal and human diets are made up of a variety of foods …all of which consist of various minerals. When the human/animal diet is lacking certain minerals supplements are sought.
Animals will seek out areas where mineral salts etc are present and they will then lick/eat the soils containing these minerals.
Humans will buy mineral supplements but there are many people who will seek out soils and clays, in the environment, collect the soil and consume it. Pregnant women, especially, who lack iron will seek out the reddish soils around termite mounds and consume the soil #SefapaneMagic

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